Project Description

Sandada Logo

Media work for the Sandada Academy. The Sandada Academy is an association of people who, regardless of social class, nationality, religion or income, want to create a space for change to the essence of being in our system of common good. Sandada is an association where personal economic interests are not in the foreground, but joint experience of the basis of life.

Creative Identity was involved in logo development, flyers, business cards and banners.

Logo creation

Sandada gives an example of a very extensive logo development, in which a lot of the customer’s wishes should be taken into account. The tree as a symbol of life. The masculine and feminine principle, the elements. Ideas were collected, drawn and scribbled. The idea was digitized and further developed until the final logo emerged from the process.


Wenn erstmal das Logo klar ist, dann kann das Infomaterial entstehen. In diesem Falle der Stempel, wofür das Logo in schwarz-weiß umgearbeitet wurde. Im Weiteren Flyer, Visitenkarten und Rollup. Und ein Entwurf für einen Webheader im sogenannten Grid-System für den Webentwickler.