Creative Identity –  the special agency for special people

Creative Identity is a creative family agency. This media agency works according to its own concept. Benefit from our extensive decades of experience across the entire advertising industry in various areas. You can choose how much support you need. Whether you want to hand it over to us completely or just need short training courses or a few smaller preparatory work. All combinations in between are of course also possible.

Your own identity is the basis of your own creativity and thus also the basis of your company identity. You rarely do that on the side. There are demanding, developing design processes behind a presentation. Regardless of whether it is a logo, stationery or website.

Here we offer our support. The focus is on small to medium-sized companies in various areas. Normal was yesterday. Especially in the current situation, creativity and lateral thinking are more in demand than ever in order to be seen and to remain in conversation. Our planet cries out for courageous new developers, sustainable projects and healthy offers.

Meetings Online per Zoom

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Colorful services are waiting for you!

  • Project management

  • Media design – analog and digital

  • Image processing, retouching

  • Vector graphics, machine readable graphics

  • Logo creation

  • Websites, web services, content management, HTML, CSS

  • Advertising technology

  • Specialist media and texts for the holistic health sector

  • Ecological media and projects

  • Photography, creative photo projects

  • 3D designs, animation

  • Abstract short films

  • Design, art, creation

  • 3D printing, CAD graphics


Husky Luna

Agency – CEO


Phantomime creativity agency

Agency – Mascot


yvonne wildnature creativity ceo

Creativity – CEO

Yvonne Wildnatur