Specialized media for the holistic health sector

Healing practices, wellness practices, health practices, psychology, holistic and traditional healing methods. Wellness facilities, healers, yoga studios & Co. Nature and outdoor, wilderness education, shamans…

The topic of health, holism, regeneration is becoming increasingly important in our fast-moving times. There are many opportunities to work in the holistic healthcare sector. In addition to professional skills, there are also some guidelines regarding advertising, texts and the provision of information on websites and other media to be observed.

Since, in addition to my work as a media specialist, I also work in the health sector myself, I can provide competent advice here. I have an overview of terminology, anatomy, physiology and various holistic healing methods and relaxation methods.

I work seriously and down to earth. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and experience in various areas. I live what I do in theory, practice and self-awareness.


  • Specialist texts for websites, brochures, flyers in german
  • Media design
  • Web pages
  • Emblem creation

When you will have a look to my healthy work, you can do this >> here on www.yvonne-wildnatur.de


Conventional physical anatomy, physiology and pathology


Subtle anatomy and physiology

Medical terminology

Training as a nature and landscape guide with wilderness education

Fundamentally important for advertising media in the health sector:

Professional demarcation: Spiritual healer, alternative practitioner, therapist, physician, health practitioner. Psychological activities. Etc.

Medicines Advertising Act.

Textual advice and information for customers and patients.

all of these points also have an impact on the content of advertising media. Please note: My work does not replace legal advice!

Health and holistic medicine

e.g. Sound work / sound therapy • Breath work • Movement theory • Stress management • Natural healing methods • Traditional healing methods e.g. TCM, TEM • Ayurveda • Yoga • Shamanism • Meditation • Relaxation methods • Medial work • Spiritual healing

Nature, wilderness, ecology, environment

e.g. Wilderness education, nature therapy, forest bathing, flora, fauna, ecological topics
Media from ecological production are also possible

Please note: I do not use any spiritual services, especially from agency customers, neither healing work, nor challenges in social media, nor in messengers such as WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram or similar, and I also do not respond to offers in the direction, because I am with mine Work to be neutral. This is very important to me for quality. This applies to both my work in the holistic health sector and in the agency. I also ask you to refrain from unsolicited diagnoses regarding my person and my life! In the event of non-compliance, I reserve the right to terminate the cooperation.