This is where the language of symbols comes into play. Symbols are simpler and just easier to comprehend for the brain. And of course it is important that you are recognized everywhere. This works best with a logo. This logo should symbolize what you do and what you are!

Brainstorm, scribble, simplify. Anyone can scribble something. This way you can even brainstorm yourself … And if you found an idea that you like … We’ll do the rest together. Draw, digitize, save in different formats.

When the logo is done, I will send you the files and an invoice including license assignment. In media law, this means that from then on you have all rights to the logo and can do whatever you want with it.

The logo creation process

First is the idea. It is brewed through symbols, content, colors. Then comes the hand sketch. The real challenge, however, is the digital implementation. Shapes, lines, curves, vectors. Bring the zeros and ones into the right shape. So that technology and feeling fit together and meet customer requirements. The more filigree, the longer the creation process and the craft. This is the case in every trade. Even in the digital mouse trade. Even if a lot can be automated, in particular manual reworking is still necessary, especially with details, sometimes even point by point, line by line, until the result is finally satisfying.