… that’s a serious question, because that’s what it’s about when you want to present your service and your concerns to the world.

Knowing who you are and what you want is one thing, giving birth technically is another. It is getting easier and easier to create a website, even without HTML & Co. But without any background knowledge, you can quickly slip into one or the other faux pas. That’s what I’m here for.

Simple, clear, clearly structured, legally in order. Good user guidance. Meaningful pictures that fit the topic. – The basic requirements for a good website.

Who am I

Who am I? What am I doing? What do you need it for, what do you get from it? What is special about it? How do I explain it to my potential customers who are not on the topic? Cleaning lady test? – All of these are very important questions for a presence and are at the very beginning, before you should even try to open up a website. It is good if you think about it and collect and pre-structure brainstorm, pictures, ideas, texts, whether analog or digital.

  • Project management
  • Content management
  • Webdesign
  • Website rebuilding, relounge
  • Systems: Typo 3, Contao, WordPress
  • Web construction kits, HTML templates
  • Data preparation for the web
  • Image selection, composition, retouching, photography
  • Web icon creation
  • Hosting

Working programs

  • HTML2-5, CSS3
  • Editor: Brackets
  • CMS: Typo3, Contao, WordPress
  • Construction kits: 1&1, Domainfactory, Strato, Wix.com
  • HTML-Templates

the 3 pillars of a website

Important! Building and maintaining the site are two separate services provided by an agency!

Building a website is a demanding process and it doesn’t just take a few clicks to complete. On the one hand, the many and ever-increasing legal regulations are a challenge, on the other hand, the digital sector in particular is subject to rapid development to which one has to constantly adapt. In addition, your own presentation is sometimes an intense preoccupation with yourself. I cannot do this process for you. But at least support and lead to a certain extent.

1. Preliminary considerations

Before a website can even be created, some preliminary considerations are necessary, such as the purpose of the page, the target group, the textual creation of the services you want to offer, what budget you have and so on. After requesting me, you will receive an info-pdf from where all preliminary considerations are summarized. Only then does the actual structure of the page begin

2. Construction

At the beginning there is the decision for a system that is based on your requirements, there is no general answer. Then it comes to the first structure of design, colors, layout, structure, first texts, images, legal content.

3. Care

Is a very special area. Building a page for the first time is not enough. A website has to be maintained and kept up to date so that it lasts in the wild wide web. That means updating texts / images from time to time and always keeping appointments up to date.